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Consultancy in Smart farming Agriculture

  •  Offering technical support to its clients/farmers on Smart faming Agriculture.
  • Partners with other organizations and agencies in supporting them according to the Company’s Mission and Vision.

Capacity building and training


  • Imparting skills and knowledge climate-smart agriculture to individual farmers and groups

  • Business and financial management skills.

Business Mentorship

  • Offering entrepreneurial support to upcoming business in smart farming
  • Training on business plan development and execution

Technical support services in construction of green house and hydroponic units

  • This includes:
  • Affordable technical support in the installation of green houses and hydroponic units
  • Support services in the management of green houses and hydroponic units
  • Giving Quotations on installation on green houses and hydroponic units on requests by clients.

Reach out programs to farmers.

  • Giving field support services to individual farmers or community groups
  • Offering extension services to client farmers and groups.


  1. Hydroponic fodder feeds

This is mainly for agropastoralists in drought stricken areas of Kajiado: This is currently under the conception phase with a working prototype that is to undergo further testing at KIRDI under the support of KCIC. Market research and problem-solution fit already carried out to ascertain the viability of the idea

Horticultural Products

  • Through our farm located in Isinya, Easytech undertakes large scale farming of fruits and vegetables which are supplied to local sellers and wholesalers upon harvesting


Research and Development

  • Conducting research on farming and agriculture
  • Partner with other agencies and institutions in national and international research.

Why Choose Us?



  1. Improve lives of smallholder farmers, women and youth through innovative business solutions.

  2. Empower smallholder farmers, women and youth through education and training on agronomy and livestock best practices.

  3. Improve access to high quality nutritional food for the community.

  4. Contribute to sustainable employment and job creation for women and youth

We Help Farmers Improve Productivity Through Organic Farming Practices.


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