About us:

Easytech Farm Solutions Limited is the brain child of Marisellah Moraa Okioma who began a hydroponic fodder project on climate smart agricultural technologies with the aim of developing an innovation for agro-pastoralists in Kajiado County to overcome challenges of fodder availability for their livestock due to climatic hazards.

 The project pre-trials were supported by Community Action for Empowerment and Development (CAFED) (CBO), which in cooperated other team members such as Griffin Abuyeka Enane and Benson Mwangi as project team leaders and Justus Oanda who, represented the CAFED Organization.
The startup was incepted in the Coopen Initiative on 8th February, 2021, as “climate smart agriculture” and with the support of Sotehub, the team in the project underwent an incubation process to develop the business idea and to develop a Company which became officially registered as “Easytech Farm Solutions Limited” under the office of the Registrar of Companies in Kenya on 8th June,2021.

Our services.

Consultancy in Smart faming Agriculture

This includes:

– Offering technical support to its clients/farmers on Smart faming Agriculture.

-Partners with other organizations and agencies in supporting them according to the Company’s Mission and Vision.

Capacity building and training

This includes:

-Imparting skills and knowledge climate-smart agriculture to individual farmers and groups

-Business and financial management skills.

Business Mentorship

This includes:

-Offering entrepreneurial support to upcoming business in smart farming

-Training on business plan development and execution

Technical support services in construction of green house and hydroponic units

This includes:

This includes:

-Affordable technical support in the installation of green houses and hydroponic units

-Support services in the management of green houses and hydroponic units

-Giving Quotations on installation on green houses and hydroponic units on requests by clients.

Reach out programs to farmers.

This includes:

-Giving field support services to individual farmers or community groups

-Offering extension services to client farmers and groups.

Research and Development

This includes:

-Conducting research on farming and agriculture

-Partner with other agencies and institutions in national and international research.

Our Vision

To achieve food security for all people at all time

Our Mission 

We are offering Agriculture solutions to communities to achieve food security

Our Team.

Marisellah Moraa Okioma

Marisellah Moraa Okioma


Development Professional, Researcher and Author with 15 years’ experience in project management, resource mobilization and research. Her current PhD research is on Climate-smart Agricultural Technologies and their implication for food security among agro-pastoral communities in Kenya. B.A Social Sciences and M.A Development Studies

Griffin Enane

Griffin Enane

Project Trainer

Griffin Enane is a graduate of bachelor’s degree in social sciences and currently pursuing a part-time master’s degree in diplomacy and international studies.He has a Six- year experience in community development; project planning, implementation and evaluation, research and development. He has majored and excelled in community mobilization and training, concept note and proposal writing, analytical and problem solving, research and reporting skills.

Justus Onyumbu Oanda.

Justus Onyumbu Oanda.

Advisory Board Member

Justus Onyumbu is a Sales and Marketing Professional with over 17 years’ experience. He has vast experience in supporting the growth of new companies by designing and implementing marketing and sales models that lead to success and growth. Management and Company Marketing

Benson Mwangi

Benson Mwangi


Benson Mwangi is a professional having graduated with degree in Bachelor of Business Administration with Information Technology. He is also a Certified Public Accountant. He has over 10 years experience in offering IT and accounting solutions.